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A vault is a safe place to store all your passwords. Just like a real vault, your password vault also has a key – the master password. You need to define this when you create a new vault.

And as in real life, you can have more than one vault.

In the list of vaults, simply click on the green “+“ sign, choose a name and a password for your vault – and you’re done.

And don’t forget to set up spare keys for your new vault at the same time, so that you can reset your master password, in case you should forget it.

Open a vault and click on the green “+“ sign – now you can enter all the data required for your account.

The name of a vault is fixed at creation time and cannot be changed later.

With PHNX you can create as many vaults as you like.

To do this, you need a spare key. This you must define beforehand in the side menu under the item ”Vault security – Recover the master password“.

In this case, PHNX offers you the possibility to reset your password.

To do this, you need a spare key. This you must define beforehand in the side menu under the item ”Vault security – Recover the master password“.

The round button next to your account shows you two things:

  • firstly, if it’s time to change your password (the button is then red, not green)
  • secondly, if the automatic password change is available for this account (the button is then not outlined in color, but colored in)

In the top right-hand corner of the account overview, there is a magnifier icon you can use to search by account name, username, website or notes.

There are two purposes for importing vaults into PHNX:

  • Firstly, to restore a backup of a vault and,
  • secondly, to download a vault that you have created on another device from a cloud-based exchange directory so that you can use it locally.

To do this, you can synchronize your vault: Select ”Vault synchronization“ in the side menu and indicate which cloud service you would like to synchronize your vault with. Any change to your vault will now also be stored in the cloud. To use the vault on another device, simply import it there into your list of vaults.

The automatic password change feature changes the password for you on the corresponding portal and simultaneously saves the new password in your vault.

You can store backup copies of your vault on your local storage medium or upload them to a cloud storage of your choice. To do this, use the item ”Vault security – Backup“ in the side menu.

Creating a spare key for a potential master password reset is child’s play with PHNX. To do this, all you need to do is select the item ”Vault security – Recover the master password“ in the side menu. Here you are offered the possibility of defining one or more spare keys.

To create a spare key, a Question & Answer system is available to you in the first version.

With the password generator, you can have the system propose secure passwords when you create or edit an account yourself, but also as part of the automatic password change process. If you don’t like a suggested password, simply let the system propose a new one.

You are free to change the criteria for generating passwords (e.g. password length or kind and number of characters) in the side menu under “Vault security – Password generator”.

PHNX stores all the data you enter with 256-bit encryption. In this context, we strictly adhere to the specifications of the “Security Made in Germany“ guarantee.

The data you enter is protected and managed by PHNX. You have full control over where your data is kept. It is stored by default directly on your device. If you wish, you can also keep your vaults in the cloud. Under no circumstances will your data be stored on our servers.

You can change the language in the side menu under “Settings“. PHNX is displayed by default in the system language specified for your device (or in English, if the system language for PHNX is not yet available).

For each of your accounts, you can define whether your password should expire after seven days, one month or six months or whether the age of your password should not be considered at all. If the time interval has expired, PHNX reminds you to change your password or it can carry out the password change automatically for you. This guarantees that your passwords are never too old.

You can use PHNX on all your iOS (version 9.3 and above) and Android (version 6.0 and above) devices. Windows 10 and MacOS will be supported in one of the coming versions.

In the first version of PHNX, you have the possibility to synchronize and backup via Dropbox. Further cloud services will be added in future updates.

You can delete a vault by selecting it in the vault overview and swiping to the left. To confirm your request, PHNX will ask you for your master password.

You can delete an account in the account overview by swiping to the left or via the item “Delete account” in the three-point menu, when you have the account open in view mode.