PHNX is an innovative app that conveniently manages the passwords for all your portals and stores them with vault-like security.

PHNX creates complex and ultra-secure passwords for you.
Use our password manager to log in to your accounts securely and conveniently – on all your devices.
And best of all: the passwords are automatically and regularly replaced whenever you want.


PHNX offers you

  • Secure passwords for all your accounts “from A for Amazon to Z for Zalando”.
  • Passwords can be regularly and automatically replaced with ”fresh“ passwords for most of your portals.
  • Can be used for multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.
  • A forgotten master password can be reset using an extremely secure process.
  • Platform independent: PHNX supports Android and iOS, as well as Windows 10 and MacOS.
  • Made in Germany: programmed to high German security and data privacy standards – guaranteed without ”backdoors“.

Your benefits

  • No more guilty conscience that your accounts might not be secure enough.
  • High security: You can use as many different and complex passwords as you want without having to memorize them or write them down.
  • And best of all: PHNX is extremely easy and convenient to use.


What makes PHNX so unique

Semi-automated Password Change

With PHNX, complex passwords can be randomly generated on a regular basis and (usually without user interaction) be changed on the selected target systems. This prevents passwords from becoming obsolete. Users can, of course, set the rhythm for password renewal themselves.

Master password reset

Like a vault, PHNX is only accessible with a special key – the master password. You can reset it, if necessary, exclusively via the extremely secure, multi-factor authentication procedure. For this, we use a pre-selectable combination of methods chosen by you. Only PHNX does that.