DIVA Access Management

Directory Access Management with DIVA

Quick, secure and simple access management

Access Management Berechtigungsmanagement

With DIVA Access Manager from BAYOOSOFT, employees can request access rights to folders independently – making access management quick, secure and efficient. And all without having to contact the help desk. The request is sent straight to the responsible unit or project manager. Once approved, access is set up immediately and automatically. Access management the easy way!

DIVA is simple to use, and users do not need to perform a local installation (exception: the optional DIVA EasyDesktop add-on). So you can design all your access management processes efficiently and at minimum cost.

  • Greater efficiency as end users save time and the service desk has less work
  • Very high, quantifiable acceptance among end users
  • Security and compliance are ensured, even when employees change units/jobs
  • Made in Germany – DIVA is developed and supported in Munich in line with German quality and security standards

How Directory Access Management works with DIVA

If an employee is denied access to a required folder, they can simply apply for the access rights themselves through the responsible unit or project manager. Employees no longer need to contact the help desk to request authorization, they can request access rights themselves using DIVA.

With this method, employees are instantly productive again and the help desk does not need to grant manual access so frequently – saving time and money.

With DIVA, BAYOOSOFT offers you an Access Manager with very high scalability up to over 200 million folders. DIVA grows with your organization.

How Access Management works

How you benefit from Access Management from BAYOOSOFT

Quick, secure & efficient

DIVA is designed as a web application, meaning users do not need to perform a local installation (exception: the optional DIVA EasyDesktop Add-on). Using agents achieves a very high scalability in distributed environments especially, as agents run operations required locally.

This relieves the network load while lowering the amount of database accesses. Any number of agents can be installed with DIVA. If folders are expanded across countries or continents, additional agents are simply installed locally.

  • Proven scalability up to over 200 million folders
  • Efficient, tool-aided creation and administration of folder and rights structures in multi-domain environments
  • Various control functions, e.g. entitlement, ensure a high degree of audit integrity and compliance
  • Self-service and automated workflows to quickly grant access to resources relieve the burden on users, service desk and IT administrators
  • Timer control for assigning/revoking rights for the future or temporarily
  • Interface offers multi-language support 
  • The DIVA EasyDesktop add-on enables rights administration via Windows Explorer plug-in

DIVA security aspects

Access management with maximum security

We fully comply with corporate compliance policies and legal regulations in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

In the development of the BAYOOSOFT products all protection objects that contain personal data and/or data with security relevance or confidential data were considered, e.g.

  • Account information(ID, display value)
  • Permissions (account/identity, rights to file/folder)
  • Master data (name, first name, department, personnel number, email, telephone number)

The following data protection principles were considered for defining the information objects with personal data:

  • Personal data is only collected for the purpose of service delivery (legality as per EU GDPR Art. 6, 7)
  • Only the data directly required for processing (Data Avoidance and Data Economy, EU GDPR Art. 5) is captured
  • Sensitive information only runs encrypted through the system. All communication paths are already secured via SSL in the standard installation between the individual components.

30 years of experience in Password & Access Management

Well-known international companies with high security requirements have been placing their trust in us for three decades, for example:

Accenture q
BMW Mini q
Siemens q

Key features in detail


DIVA grows with your organization. The dimensions possible for folder and file administration are enormous: Our most comprehensive installation has over 200 million folders with well over 150,000 users.

Multi-domain environments

A DIVA instance can manage folder structures across domains, for example organizational units that are separated by geographic location or field.

Audit integrity and compliance

Various control and reporting functions ensure compliance with IT audit integrity requirements. Entitlement, for example, requires folder managers to check access rights at defined intervals. This prevents “abandoned” accounts from accumulating over time. Additional reporting and accounting functions ensure greater transparency. Independent experts have confirmed that our product complies with EU-GDPR.

Self Service and automated workflows

The folder manager grants each employee the permissions they need via DIVA. They can then request additional rights directly from the folder/unit/project manager in the self-service web application with just a few clicks. This person then receives an e-mail request and can either grant, modify or reject access in a single step. In any case, the employee receives an automatic e-mail response right away.

Timer control

Permissions to corresponding folders can be assigned during employee onboarding, or temporarily, e.g. for the duration of a project. This helps to assign permissions according to the principle “as little as possible, as much as necessary.”

Multi-language support

DIVA is available not only in German and English (standard), but also in other languages. This increases user acceptance and lowers language barriers.

DIVA EasyDesktop

Tedious searches in complicated folder structures belong to the past – now the authorizations you need are available when you need them. Added comfort for the end user: the Microsoft Windows™ Explorer plug-in DIVA EasyDesktop allows you to execute the most important functions directly via the context menu of the respective folder.

DIVA-managed folders are identifiable from DIVA EasyDesktop by a blue icon directly on the folder. A right-click on the folder opens the context menu and immediately makes the following functions available:

  • Request access rights / manage folder
  • Request DIVA subfolder
  • Send link “Request access”
  • Open DIVA Directory Access Manager
EasyDesktop Add-On


DIVA Access Management

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