Innovative software products for automated password & access management

Cross-platform and self-service, quick and easy to use
– with extremely high user acceptance.
We’ll reduce your IT service costs safely and sustainably.

Our products for automated password & access management

Self Service Password Reset mit ASPR

Password Manager

Employees can reset forgotten passwords independently – for more efficiency

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Numerous target systems
  • Password Randomizer & Password Propagation
Access Management Berechtigungsmanagement

Directory Access Manager

Employees can request access rights to folders quickly and securely

  • Proven scalability up to over 200 million folders
  • Efficient, tool-aided creation and administration of folder and rights structures in multi-domain environments
  • Self-service and automated workflows

Our clients

TESIS SYSware – 30 years of experience and expertise for your IT security

inspiring security

Security is our top priority: we fulfil 100 percent of corporate compliance guidelines and the legal requirements determined in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Well-known international companies with high security requirements have been placing their trust in us for three decades.